Ridesharing is Safe

Ridesharing is safe, friendly and convenient

One thing that remains a constant, is that ridesharing is safe. If you want to get home safetly after a night out on the town or better yet need to get a friend home in one piece, you can always trust a rideshare service.

Ridesharing is not only about getting into a cab with others because you need to get home. It is the exchange of service that allows you to rely on individuals who are taking your life into their hands while they are behind the wheel. For this reason ridesharing companies have made sure that their services are highly regulated.

Reasons why Lyft and Uber is a safe alternative

Lyft and Uber employees, are highly professional drivers who may have even came from other Taxi cab services. They are strictly vetted to check for qualifications, their criminal history and driving record. Other factors are also considered in the hiring processes including: Their physical well being, mental and psychological health, experience and competence.

Before Lyft or Uber allow an individual to drive for their ridesharing platforms they must meet with a mentor. The mentor doesn’t only assess that the legal qualifications are met for becoming a driver but also determines if the individual themselves are a good fit for the social climate of the platform.

Other ways Lyft and Uber maintain safe processes

The Lyft and Uber rating system

The Lyft and Uber rating systems are implemented to keep quality drivers around while weeding out individuals who may not be a sure fit for the rideshare industry. Each driver and rider is rated in hopes to add continued value and make on-demand services go smoother in the future for both ends. This is just another way ridesharing is safe.

Cashless payments

Cashless payments dilute the possibility of conflicts arising from charges based on ride length, duration, pick up and drop off. The riders rideshare app of choice, records the distance traveled and provides an ongoing tally of the cost to both the rider and the driver. To keep drivers and riders honest the ride is then paid for through the Lyft or Uber application with stored payment info.

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Background driver information is available

When you request a ride with Lyft or Uber the drivers profile is sent to you. This gives you the opportunity to review information about the driver, past interactions with other riders and how long they have been with the rideshare company of choice.

In addition, you can also request rides from particular drivers. If you had an experience with someone that you found favorable and you trust their commuting services, why not do what makes sense and use them again?

Ridesharing is safe for the elderly

Whether your elderly loved ones live with you or somewhere else you can request them a Lyft or Uber ride at any time. As we get older it’s important to recognize that our reaction times and driving skills become diminished. To keep your family safe and those on the road, shoot them over a ride from a major ridesharing platform. This way you know they will get to their destination safely.


Ridesharing is safe, and in some cases it should be utilized before getting behind the wheel of a car. Make sure that you understand how to hail your first Lyft or Uber ride before doing so to ensure the process is smooth and timely. If you want to try Lyft or Uber for free, head over to our promo section and grab a ride on us!

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