Ridesharing Helps the Domestic Economy

Ridesharing helps the economy and gives back to local communities

Ridesharing helps

Here is how Ridesharing helps. In 2017 it’s not uncommon for most companies and business’s to outsource some form of their supply chain, product or service. In fact a recent national statistic showed that over 2-Million companies in America now utilize work forces in other countries.

Even more so, technology and IT career fields take up most of the aforementioned statistic at over 53%. This number is not slowing down anytime soon, either.

Job Outsourcing Statistics ridesharing
Total number of U.S. jobs outsourced in 2015 2,382,000
Number of jobs outsourced to China since 2001 3,200,000
Number of California jobs lost to outsourcing since 2001 560,000
Percent of CFO’s surveyed who said their firm was currently offshore outsourcing 38 %
Percent of CFO’s who favored India for outsourcing 26 %
Percent of CFO’s who favored China for outsourcing 18 %

Ridesharing brings jobs back to America

Ridesharing helps

Rideshare giants like Lyft and Uber have brought more jobs back to America than any other technology company in the past ten years. Lyft alone employ’s more than 100,000 drivers in the U.S. and is the smaller of the two major rideshare services. If we had to take an estimate, Top Rideshare Apps would say combined that in the past 5 years since ridesharing has became popular – it has provided more than 1,000,000 jobs domestically.

That is huge in terms of economical boost and only promotes the growth and infrastructure of local communities throughout the nation where ridesharing is available.

Prices too low to beat with Ridesharing

In addition to the amount of jobs these platforms have created ridesharing helps the economy by keeping prices low! The average cost of a ride when compared to a traditional taxi cab service can be anywhere from 11-25% cheaper. If you rideshare or carpool 5 times a month or more, the cost of savings is dramatic. The more money a consumer saves the more it continues to be funneled back into the economy. This in turn benefits local townships, cities and counties.

Click here for more information on how ridesharing saves money.

The Verdict

Ridesharing has become a successful tool for creating and developing more jobs and contributing to economic growth in America. It’s a common belief that more services jobs will continue to be created, especially in ridesharing. Look out for new ridesharing platforms this year including: Google and Juno!

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