How Lyft and Uber Make Commuting Better

Why Ridesharing is Convenient

Most people don’t realize but ridesharing is one of the most convenient forms of traveling. You no longer have to worry about the high costs and limited resources of taxi cab companies with the introduction of ridesharing platforms. Rideshare services beat the limitation of place, time and availability by offering a 25/7, on demand, around the clock solution. Not only that, but local rideshare drivers have the best ideas for places to eat or lodge.

Ridesharing to different places

Drivers for major platforms like Lyft and Uber make navigating large cities easy and practical. Because rideshare drivers are local, they are in the best position available to help you get where you need or want to go. Engaging in conversations with your rideshare driver can even help you to learn more about the local community and culture.

In addition, because rideshare drivers often have many types of people utilizing their services, they may have picked up information about a great bar, local dive or restaurant through word of mouth. This is just one of the many reasons ridesharing is convenient.

Choose the Best Rideshare Drivers

The carpooling and taxi industry has been evolving since 2009 with the introduction of major rideshare platforms. Not only is it easier and cheaper to get around town but you can even demand specific drivers for Lyft or Uber, now.

Through the Lyft and Uber applications you are able to rate, review and suggest things about your ridesharing drivers to their service platforms. Because of this real time feedback, ridesharing companies have been getting safer and easier to use. While every platform has it’s own rules for it’s drivers, most of them are fairly consistent with each other.

Due to this rating system, you can rest-assured that if something goes wrong or a driver puts you in harms way, the action will be corrected. This is just another reason why ridesharing has became so convenient.

Ridesharing helps save on transportation costs

Ridesharing is one of the cheapest most cost effective ways to save money and get where you need to go. Because Lyft and Uber do not own any fleet cars or need to pay for maintenance costs, they are able to lower the cost of traveling significantly.

Note – it’s important to keep in mind that ridesharing costs may fluctuate depending on the time of day. This is known as surge or increased pricing and is implemented to keep up with the demand of rideshare drivers in highly populated areas. For more information on Lyft or Uber promo codes and surge pricing please visit the links.

Also, Lyft and Uber both offer different types of rides. Some of those options include:

When using the Lyft or Uber mobile application make sure that you pick the ride that is appropriate for your level of need and expense. All of these options for riders is just another way ridesharing is convenient.

How to get your first Lyft or Uber ride free

If ridesharing wasn’t cheap enough, you can also get a Lyft or Uber promo code. By using these promotion codes you can take advantage of an introductory ride for free to see which service you like best.

Lyft and Uber both offer different discounts depending on current offers and the geographical location of the user. For more information on promo codes for each platform you can read our articles here.

Ridesharing Verdict

Ridesharing is a great way to save money, meet new people and have fun while doing so. We recommend trying all ridesharing platforms and seeing which one works best for your needs. Make sure to rate your driver, express any concerns and if it makes sense provide a tip. All thing considered these are just a few of the reasons why ridesharing is convenient.

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