The Best Rideshare Apps Available

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What is Ridesharing

Ridesharing Definition

“An arrangement that takes place between a passenger and a driver. The driver, which is a private party – is responsible for providing their vehicle and services to a rider in exchange for an agreed fee.”

With today’s technology, major companies like Lyft and Uber have streamlined the ridesharing process. While fundamentally the principle has not changed these service agreements now take place on mobile applications that are linked to your smartphone’s GPS.

Want to try ridesharing right now? Go ahead and pick a service and head over to our Lyft or Uber rideshare guides to take your first ride. We provide information on how to navigate the mobile apps, hail your ride, set your destination points and even provide a promotional code so that you can get your first ride free.

On Demand, Real-Time Ridesharing

Whatever you call it; Instant Ridesharing, On Demand Ridesharing or Real-Time Ridesharing, one thing remains a constant – it is a service that arranges one time shared rides on short notice through the use of a users GPS. Most rideshare mobile applications also use social networks in conjunction with the built in GPS features to generate a driver or rider profile. By doing this, rideshare companies are able to connect safely to their customers information and expedite the commuting process.

Like carpooling, on demand ridesharing is seen as an Eco-friendly way to utilize the empty seats in cars that are already commuting or on the road. In turn, this lowers the overall cost of fuel and the expenditure of finite resources into the air.

Real-time ridesharing is great for a wide variety of individuals inducing; students, business professionals, daily commuters and travelers.

Ridesharing Info

Ridesharing was introduced in late 2013 by major corporations like Lyft and Uber. With the introduction of mobile smartphone apps, ridesharing companies emerged to connect drivers and riders in a seamless fashion to meet the needs and demand of popular commuting.

Unlike traditional taxi services, ridesharing offers lower fares for individuals who travel on a daily basis or while in other cities.

Read our article here about ridesharing and what you can expect when you hail your first ride through the Lyft or Uber.

Ridesharing can be a convoluted process that keeps individuals from experiencing cheaper and new ways to commute.

Top Rideshare Apps aims to connect first time riders with information about ridesharing, as well as promotional codes for all major platforms. This way, new riders can get an idea of how ridesharing works, what to expect and try their first ride for free.

With a large library of content related to Lyft, Uber and other major ridesharing platforms you will know exactly what to expect and how to get the most out of your trips.

Rideshare driving has become a staple for individuals looking to earn extra income while driving for Lyft or Uber. Not only is it a great way to earn a supplemental income but you also have the opportunity to be your own boss.

It gets even better. With the launch of Lyft’s new driver affiliate program you can earn extra money while driving just by giving out your personalized, free promotional codes to riders that they can share with their friends and family

Making money has never been easier and with our Lyft and Uber driving guides we can get you behind the wheel in no time.

Benefits of Carpooling & Ridesharing

Ridesharing Saves Money
Save money on car maintenance, payments, insurance fuel, repair costs and more.

Ridesharing is Eco Friendly
Carpooling & Ridesharing puts less total cars on the road and reduces the expenditure of finite resources.

Ridesharing is Safe
Ridesharing is great for getting home after having a few drinks or can even keep your elderly loved ones off the road.

Ridesharing is Convenient
Local rideshare drivers know there way around town and can even make great dinner suggestions while you are traveling.

Ridesharing is Good for the Economy
Ridesharing has brought jobs back to America and helps employ hundreds of thousands.

Ridesharing is Fun
Becoming a driver for Lyft or Uber allows you to set your own hours, work when you feel like it and meet great people.

Team Rideshare

Who we are

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